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Guangzhou Haizhu Tongchuanghui District 6

    Speaking of the living room as a public area of the home, relatives and friends, neighborhoods and neighbors, avoid people coming and going, the frequency of use is naturally much higher than other spaces, so when choosing tiles, wear resistance and slip resistance should be taken into consideration. Otherwise, it is also a threat to the safety and health of the elderly and children.

     By means of pressing with a large tonnage press, the product is higher than ordinary ceramic tiles in terms of toughness, wear resistance, impact resistance and other properties. It has high flatness, strong flexural resistance, wear resistance and damage resistance, and its performance exceeds traditional ceramic tiles. Products provide more possibilities in application design and present different fashion styles.
     Paving tiles on the walls of the living room can protect the walls of the living room and effectively prevent the walls from turning yellow and dirty; on the other hand, it can play a decorative role, highlighting the high-end atmosphere of the living room. No matter what type of tiles you choose, you should also consider that it is easy to clean and easy to take care of. Just imagine, when you go home from work, you have to squat silently on the ground to clean the tiles, and when you come home from the physical and mental exhaustion. The grievances cannot be told.
    Ceramics not only has the internal and external characteristics of natural stone, it is clean with one touch, and it does not need to be taken care of, which demonstrates the high taste of the occupants. Applied to the wall of the living room, it has an elegant color system, breaking the simple and elegant spatial visual sense, and making the whole space more artistic.